Food Safety is an increasingly important topic in modern-day agriculture as producers are more often held responsible for the quality of their produce. ISO 22000 is an international standard, attempting to ensure food safety through a Food Safety Management System. It incorporates HACCP principles and requires thorough analysis of all process steps, ingredients and equipment with the aim to eliminate or reduce the possibility of contamination. 

Cradlestoned Quality Solutions offers design and implementation of Food Safety Management Systems tailored to the applicable production steps in your food cultivation. By applying this standard to Cannabis production, infused Cannabis products can be labeled as safe food, or the fresh Cannabis buds used as input product for edibles or infused beverages, can be certified as safe food. This certification bolsters the confidence in the producer – a necessity in South Africa’s young Cannabis industry.

Why gain an ISO 22000:2018 certification?

  • Confirms and enables your commitment to food safety 
  • Increased value of crops and opportunities for sales
  • Position yourself as a competitor by compliance to food safety standards
  • Produce safe food by controlling and reducing food safety hazards
Once your business has implemented ISO 22000:2018, you can expect:

  • Higher quality food produce and decreased risk of contamination
  • Planned maintenance leading to less downtime
  • Identification of hazards and minimizing or eliminating its occurrence
  • Improved processes and practices