In early October 2021, the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development amended the regulations to the Plant Improvement Act 53 of 1976 (the PIA) to make provision for the Hemp permitting, registration and other applicable regimes for the industrial Hemp Cannabis sector. Pursuant to this amendment, the DALRDD released the associated permit application forms and guidelines on its website. Hemp has been declared in terms of the PIA subject to the conditions as stipulated in the Notices and regulations in relation to sections 2, 6, 13, 23, 26, 27 and 27A of the PIA.

According to the Hemp Production Guidelines, any person who wants to engage in any of the following activities relating to Hemp must be in possession of a Hemp Permit issued by the Registrar of the Plant Improvement Act:

  • Import of plants or propagating material for breeding, research or cultivation;
  • Propagation of plants by a breeder or researcher in relation to a breeding or research programme to develop new or improved hemp varieties;
  • Sale of hemp seed, seedlings, plants or cuttings;
  • Cultivation of hemp for –
    • seed production;
    • seedling production;
    • production of grain or material for industrial purposes;
  • Cleaning and/or conditioning seed for cultivation; and
  • Export of plants or propagating material for cultivation purposes.
At Cradlestoned Quality Solutions, we assist with the entire Hemp application process, including the completion of documentation and the submission thereof. Our services include the following:

hemp permits
  • Premises Registration with DALRRD
  • Completion of Permit Application documents
  • Completion of Import Permit Application documents
  • Completion of Export Permit Application documents
  • Variety Registration