haze club judgment

On 27 October 2022, our friend and colleague Brett Pollack, who coauthored the Private Cannabis Club: Framework Manual for Set-up & Management, hosted a webinar with Legalese Creative Solutions discussing the Haze Club’s recent Declaratory Order Judgment.

In October 2020 (so yes – two years ago already!), the Haze Club was raided by the police. Two adults were arrested and Cannabis plants, dried Cannabis flower and several pieces of equipment was seized. The two adults, THC founder Neil Liddell and an employee of the Club, were charged with dealing.

The Haze Club then applied for a declaratory order with the high court, stating that their model and activities were in line with the Privacy Judgment of 2018. The criminal proceedings against them (i.e., the charge of dealing in Cannabis) has been stayed pending the outcome of the declaratory order application. The declaratory order application has been heard in court in June 2022 and the Haze Club judgment released at the end of August 2022.

The declaratory order was not granted to the Haze Club, a feat that sent rumblings through the entire Cannabis community. However, the Haze Club’s legal team have submitted an application for leave to appeal the Haze Club judgment and we will soon find out whether and when the appeal will be heard.

In order to unpack this important judgment and its implications, Brett has spent considerable time with the judgment to understand what it means, where it might have been viewed differently and the impact it has on current operational Cannabis clubs. He shares his insights with you below.

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