Comments on Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill

Last month, the Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services invited the public to comment on the newest draft of the Bill:

“The committee invites interested parties/stakeholders to make written submissions on proposals to extend the subject of the Bill to, in addition, provide for:

  • commercial activities in respect of recreational cannabis;
  • the cultivation, possession and supply cannabis plants and cannabis by cultural or religious communities or organisations for cultural or religious purposes; and
  • the use of cannabis for palliation or medication”

As per our article MARCH 2022 UPDATE ON THE CANNABIS FOR PRIVATE PURPOSES BILL 2020 the scope of the Bill has been expanded to include the above-mentioned points. In theory, this means the current submission requested from the public, would only be on the expanded contents of the Bill – not the Bill in its entirety.

After carefully perusing the Bill and analysing the impacts it will have on a future Cannabis industry, Cradlestoned Quality Solutions have compiled the below comments and submitted these to the Portfolio Committee on Friday, 13 May 2022.

We share our comments with you below.

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