Private Cannabis Club – Framework Manual for Set-up & Management


Are you looking to start your own Private Cannabis club? Not sure where to start? Then this Manual was written with you in mind! The first step is to understand the legal landscape of Cannabis in South Africa, so that you understand where the proposed boundaries of your operation may lie. We explain our argument for our two models and in the second part, we explain all the processes you need to plan for according to the model you choose. Finally, we teach you how to manage the system you’ve built to ensure your Club is successful.

Includes a comprehensive list of the documentation you’ll need + how to write it!

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A 116 page, soft-cover, four-part Manual creating a framework for setting up and managing a Private Cannabis Club. The Framework Manual is designed to assist new Club Founders with building the components needed for a PCC.

The Manual is worth countless hours of consultation with a lawyer and systems consultant and the intention is to provide you, the Cannabis enthusiast, with a shortcut to understanding the South African context of Private Cannabis Clubs.

The Framework Manual provides a detailed update on the legal landscape of Cannabis in South Africa and includes our Private Cannabis Club Legal Argument. The second part discusses the design and development guidelines for the 8 modules suggested to the founding process and guides founders on creating these documents according to the operations of their Club. The third part details the maintenance that the system requires to remain effective and valid. Finally, the fourth part lists the documentation discussed in each module for easy reference.

The aim of the Framework Manual is to help Private Cannabis Clubs establish a defendable position in the case of prosecution, while helping its founders understand the operational management involved in a Private Cannabis Club.

This Manual does not attempt to establish any legal or other prescriptive norms or ‘industry’ standards in relation to Private Cannabis Clubs. We believe in the legitimacy and operational adequacy of many Private Cannabis Clubs that for whatever reason do not conform to the recommendations made in this Manual.

Author: Marleen Theunissen

Marleen Theunissen is a Cannabis Entrepreneur focusing on Private Cannabis Club (PCC) compliance and Quality Management Systems applicable to legal Cannabis cultivation entities. She entered the Cannabis industry as recreational user, eager to find legal solutions for Cannabis consumption. Following her experience in Quality Management and rigorous research into PCCs, she founded Cradlestoned Quality Solutions in 2021, a Quality Consulting Firm specializing in PCC Management, various ISO standards, Global Good Agricultural Practice (GlobalG.A.P.) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance for Cannabis-producing and food-producing farms. She is constantly developing her service offering based on her commitment to continued growth.

Co-Author: Brett Pollack

As the Cannabusiness legal specialist at Legalese, Brett Pollack advises clients entering into and deepening participation in the budding Cannabis sectors in South Africa. As an attorney, his specialty is the analysis and application of regulatory frameworks, particularly those presently developing in the Cannabis context. He has previously served a term as a judicial clerk to the former Honourable Justice van der Westhuisen of the Constitutional Court.


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